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              Meet the team

              Meet the people working every day to help save rhinos.

              Profile image of Cathy Dean, CEO of Save the Rhino International

              Cathy Dean
              Chief Executive

              Cathy has been Save the Rhino International's CEO since October 2001. She is in charge of the charity, with responsibility for governance, programme and partner liaison, and grant management.

              Image of Save the Rhino Deputy Director, Jon Taylor

              Credit: Doug Goodman

              Jon Taylor
              Deputy Director

              Jon is in charge of managing our rhino team, and ensures all aspects of our work run smoothly and efficiently. He also leads our work on reducing demand for rhino horn.

              Image of Michaela Butorova, Fundraising Officer at Save the Rhino International

              Michaela Butorova
              Partnerships Manager

              Michaela builds relationships with our corporate and conservation partners, connecting them with the fantastic efforts they are helping us to sustain.

              Image of David Hill, Save the Rhino's Events Manager

              David Hill
              Events Manager

              David is responsible for our major fundraising events, such as the Annual Dinner, London Marathon, and Ride London. David also finds new and upcoming events for all rhino supporters.

              Image of Yasmin Morowa.

              Credit: Doug Goodman

              Yasmin Morowa
              Operations Manager

              Yasmin manages all aspects of the office and finances for Save the Rhino, helping us to use our systems in the most effective ways and keep our office running smoothly.

              Image of Save the Rhino Communications Manager, Emma Pereira

              Emma Pereira
              Communications Manager

              Emma looks after the website, social media, The Horn magazine and other publications, as well as press and PR, and oversees our donations across all our platforms.

              Adam Shaffer
              Community Fundraising Manager

              Adam works closely with our incredible fundraisers, helping to inspire people to do all sorts of fun and challenging things to raise vital funds for rhinos.

              Darion Moore

              Credit: Doug Goodman

              Darion Moore
              Michael Hearn Intern

              Darion is our Michael Hearn Intern. She manages all of our amazing Save the Rhino London Marathon runners, and deals with merchandise orders, as well as supporting general office admin.

              Our Honorary President:

              • David Stirling (founder)

              Our Trustees:

              • Alistair Weaver
              • Emma Lear
              • George Stephenson
              • Henry Chaplin
              • Jim Hearn
              • Joe Steidl
              • Megan Greenwood
              • Sam Weinberg

              Our Patrons:

              Douglas Adams (founder patron)
              Michael Werikhe (founder patron)
              Polly Adams, Benedict Allen, Clive Anderson, Louise Aspinall, Nick Baker, Simon Barnes, Paul Blackthorne, Suzi Bullough, Mark Carwardine, Giles Coren, Mark Coreth, Dina de Angelo, Robert Devereux, Kenneth Donaldson, Christina Franco, Tim Holmes, Ben Hoskyns-Abrahall, Angus Innes, Fergal Keane, Tom Kenyon-Slaney, Francesco Nardelli, Martina Navratilova, Viscount Petersham, Alex Rhind, Mark Sainsbury, Robin Saunders, Alec Seccombe, Tira Shubart, James Sunley, William Todd-Jones, Friederike von Houwald, Jack Whitehall.

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